Water and Waste Management

Water and Waste Management

We understand the importance of preserving resources and ecosystems. Our C. L. Environmental Water and Waste Management services cover Coastal Zone Management, Wetland Management, Fisheries Assessment, and more. Click on the specialized services below to explore how we can assist you in managing water and waste sustainably.

Coastal Zone Management

In Coastal Zone Management, we safeguard coastal areas and resources, ensuring sustainable development. Our expertise minimizes environmental risks while promoting responsible land use.

Wetland Management

Through Wetland Management, we help protect and preserve these critical ecosystems. Our services ensure responsible land use that benefits both your projects and the environment.

Fisheries Assessment and Management

Our Fisheries Assessment and Management services support responsible fishing practices and conservation efforts. We help you balance economic interests with ecological preservation.

Solid Waste Management

Efficient Solid Waste Management minimizes environmental impact and ensures compliance with waste regulations. Our solutions help you reduce waste and maximize resource recovery.

Wastewater Treatment and Design

Our Wastewater Treatment and Design services enable sustainable wastewater management. We help you design systems that protect water quality and meet regulatory standards.


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