Project Details

LNG Terminal and Pipeline Project, Old Harbour Bay

A marine import facility comprised of a vessel berth and off-shore offloading and regasification platform was constructed at the general location approved by the Port Authority of Jamaica in the Portland Bight area of Jamaica.  This facility was built to accommodate a Floating Storage Unit (FSU) vessel for LNG storage and a LNG carrier delivering LNG to the FSU.  The FSU is a LNG carrier refitted for use as a storage vessel.  LNG will be delivered by ship from various potential locations in the United States or other locations. 

The platform contains equipment to regasify LNG as well as related processes and safety equipment. The liquid gas from the FSU would is carefully regasified and the gas is then pumped into an undersea pipeline which follows the general route of an existing Automotive Diesel Oil (ADO) line which runs from the existing mooring facility to the JPS plant in Old Harbour Bay.  The gas pipeline leads on to shore to a small receiving facility near a gas power plant where it can be metered and then sent to the power plant.  In addition, there exists an off-shore mooring facility with a new ADO line to storage tanks at the renovated power plant in order to provide a back-up power source in case of LNG delivery interruptions.

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